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Owned and managed by Carlomagno Araya, Drumit Recording Studio was one of the first drum and percussion personal tracking facilities to open doors in South Florida in the early years of the digital home studio revolution. Since Drumit`s opening, thousands of songs and countless artists have benefited from its recording services.

In 2016 Drumit entered a new phase by relocating to Costa Rica and upgrading to a much larger space. From its new location, Drumit keeps collaborating with creative music makers locally and internationally.


Always in constant pursuit of excellence, we pride ourselves on using equipment that meets the most rigorous international standards that would satisfy any professional engineer`s recording needs.

Carlo is one of the most musical drummers I have ever Known. His mastery of dynamics, textural shadings and stylistic appropriateness are impeccable. This has caused him to be one of the most in-demand drummers in the South Florida area.

Steve Rucker

Drumset Studies Chair, Frost School of Music

University of Miami

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Magic happens in the air between the microphone and a natural sound source. Either condenser or ribbon, we have various industry-standard microphones for Piano recording available. Regardless of their specialties, whether it is classical solo piano, Jazz, commercial music, or Pop, our Yamaha C7 has satisfied the needs of national and international professional pianists.

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The Yamaha C7 is a stunning grand piano that resonates rich and full tones with lovely long strings, providing an intense warm sound.
It is a concert-level piano of the best quality, often used in small concert halls, but also it became a standard for recording studio applications. 
Its manufacture began in Yamaha's best factory in Hamamatsu, Japan, in 1967; built "by hand," meaning that much personal attention goes into its fabrication.

José Sojo Piano

A Piano is just as good as its technician. Since our C7 arrival, José Sojo, the only "Yamaha Certified Technician" in Costa Rica, has exclusively serviced this instrument and maintained it optimally. We are proud of our partnership.

Meet him at the link below.