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The CCCN JAZZ ORCHESTRA embraces the tradition of "big bands" in its broadest spectrum, creating opportunities for the Costa Rican music student to practice the disciplines and skills this great tradition has contributed to contemporary popular music of the last century.

In 2018, the North American Costa Rican Cultural Center and its Cultural Department joined forces with Carlomagno Araya to create this project, consolidating CCCN's role as the leading jazz promoter in Costa Rica.

Despite its relatively young foundation, the CCCN JAZZ ORCHESTRA has achieved a historic milestone internationally by winning FIRST PLACE at the prestigious "49th Next Generation Jazz Competition" in the "College Big Band Division" category (California, USA 2019). This was the first time in the competition that an international band classified to its finals and won as the "top scoring band."

Oscar Stagnaro, MA

Executive Director Berklee Latino

“I have to highlight the great merit of Dr. Carlomagno Araya as director of the CCCN Jazz Orchestra for having obtained 1st place in the "Next Generation Jazz Competition" surpassing the preparation of world-renowned directors/educators and artists. Costa Rica must measure what this means for the future of jazz education in their country."


Our New Album


CCCCN Jazz Orchestra life at Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica Featuring Ed Calle, soloist


CCCCN Jazz Orchestra y Ed Calle En Vivo," directed by the brilliant Carlomagno Araya. This album is a mesmerizing journey through a vibrant tapestry of intercultural wonders, showcasing compositions that are not only exhilarating but also soul-stirring, leaving listeners in awe.

From the very first notes, it becomes apparent that this album is something truly special. The compositions burst forth with a contagious energy, weaving together intricate rhythms, infectious melodies, and harmonies that transport you to the heart of Latin jazz.

Each track is a testament to the profound understanding of the genre's nuances, paying homage to its rich heritage while pushing boundaries with a fresh and contemporary approach.

"CCCN Jazz Orchestra & Ed Calle En Vivo" is a complete experience that evokes a wide range of emotions. It will make you laugh, cry, smile, dance, and leave you with a resounding "Wow." This album is a testament to the beauty and universality of jazz, breaking barriers and captivating listeners aross nations. It is a celebration of the interplay between cultures, a testament to the power of music, and a true masterpiece that will resonate with jazz enthusiasts for years to come.

-José Valentino Ruiz, Ph.D.,D.Min.

Multi Award Winner/Music Business & Entrepreneurship Chair

University of Florida